Night time Fishing Walleyes – Tips and Techniques For Catching Walleyes during the night time

Night fishing walleyes is tougher than fishing them while in the daytime. Absolutely nothing astonishing about that as it is really just harder to find out LostDuckOutdoors when you are fishing during the night. Don’t allow that prevent you although. I have caught a lot far more larger fish just soon after sunset than I have in the full solar of daytime. Walleyes are most likely the fish most fished for at night, up north. Possibly bass or crappies down south. Slide is, to me, the absolute ideal time for night time fishing walleyes. The h2o has commenced to chill quite a bit as well as prey fish that walleyes feed on have moved in closer to shore for most fishing lakes. The walleyes know wintertime is coming and go over a feeding spree before the good fishing lakes freeze around.

For night shore fishing walleyes I made use of live bait about 99% on the time. Casting was only to much guess operate when fishing from shore. Contemplating I had been fishing walleyes it had been extremely rocky and snag filled exactly where I fished. Live bait and lighted bobbers labored extremely perfectly for night time fishing. Certainly one of the things which might shock you essentially the most about shore fishing at night would be the reality that you just never really have to forged out quite considerably whatsoever. Walleyes see extremely properly within the darkish and a few nights you could in fact see their eyes reflecting mild from flashlights.

We built sure to be in the lake each slide beginning all over Oct. 1st. Hardly ever in advance of the first freeze from the 12 months. In any case, immediately after several overnight lows below 32 degrees we’d reach the lake just before sunset, get baited up and begin fishing. The frogs will be migrating into your lake and when we’d glow the spotlight out about 20-25 toes from shore, the depth was only about 2 toes, you could possibly begin to see the walleyes lined up should really to shoulder and experiencing shore, just waiting for your frogs to come back to them. Kinda such as individuals at at a very good buffet line in Vegas.

The walleyes weren’t picky about whatever they little bit on. Anything at all which was alive and wiggled would capture walleyes. We employed live minnows about 3-4 inches very long and lighted bobbers. Simply a uncomplicated lighted bobber, a couple of split shot plus the hook tied immediately on the conclusion of your line. I have also utilised fluorescent lures in the evening which has a superior deal of accomplishment. The trick is to keep them glowing and i attained that by making use of the flash from an old a hundred and ten digital camera. It would make individuals lures actually glow. The thing is, it is not the duration of time exposed to light-weight, it truly is the depth in the light-weight that makes the lures glow so shiny.

One particular items for sure, there usually are not lots of fishermen fishing at night. Most are daytime fishing people. For those who will not like crowds grab your fishing rods and head for that superior night time fishing spots which you know about. Fishing in the evening can be quite a great deal of pleasurable and evening walleye fishing is often terrific. You are going to most likely use a far better night time capture than you are doing within the daytime.

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